Wilmington’s 2nd District receives DART Bus Stop Improvements

Monday, March 7, 2022

Wilmington’s 2nd District receives DART Bus Stop Improvements
Councilwoman Shané Darby works with DART to install new bus shelters.

Wilmington City Councilwoman Shané Darby of the 2nd District initiated a comprehensive effort to update and improve bus stops in Wilmington’s 2nd District in order to encourage bus ridership and use of public transportation. With an aim to make bus stops in Wilmington accessible, safe, and comfortable, Councilwoman Darby contacted DART last spring requesting improvements for the district’s most heavily used bus stops.

“As a council person, it is always important to make sure that citizens have access to public transportation which includes having safe, well-lit shelters and benches to wait for the bus. These small, but necessary changes are vital in making an impact on the everyday lives of residents who rely on our public transportation system,” said Councilwoman Darby. “I will continue to push for community development and urban planning in the 2nd district.”

Making transit a more viable option than the automobile requires enhanced facilities. Getting riders to the bus and providing an adequate and safe facility to wait for the bus helps achieve this goal. To change the transportation landscape and improve the overall livability of bus shelters, DART and Councilwoman Darby worked together to complete several bus stop improvements in Wilmington’s 2nd District.

A new bus shelter was installed on Washington Street at Concord Avenue and with transportation needs for seniors and others with limited mobility in mind, new bus shelters were installed along Market Street by the Wilmington Senior Center at 19th Street and opposite 20th Street, and on 18th Street at Baynard Boulevard close to Baynard apartments.


The new shelter installations include benches and solar lighting and will receive weekly cleanings and trash removal. A new bench was also installed at the bus stop on Washington Street at 26th Street and another will be added on Washington Street at 30th Street.

Bus stops are the front door to Wilmington’s public transit systems, and with collaboration, careful design and placement, maintenance, and improvement, bus stops can serve all transit riders well.

“We know the importance of connecting people to their destinations, safely, and efficiently,” stated John Sisson, Delaware Transit Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our team is continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience. By adding amenities to our bus stops such as shelters, benches, and lighting, our riders are provided with a more comfortable waiting area to access their destinations.”

The new bus shelters in Wilmington’s 2nd District are a model for how City Council and DART can work together to improve bus stops across the city. The Delaware Transit Corporation, a subsidiary of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), operates DART First State. For more information, please visit www.DartFirstState.com or call 1-800-652DART. Real-Time Bus Information and DART Pass, the mobile fare payment option, are both available on the free DART Transit App (iOS and Android).



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