Freedom of Information

Request for Wilmington City Council Public Records

This is a request for records under the Delaware Freedom of Information Act, 29 Del. C. ch. 100 and the Rules of Public Access to Records of the City of Wilmington.


2. (required)
Be as specific as you can, describing types of records, dates, party(ies) to correspondence, subject matter, etc. The City of Wilmington ("City") will make every reasonable effort to assist you in identifying the records being sought. Requests for voluminous records may be delayed.

3. THERE MAY BE COSTS involved in responding to your request. Specifically, copies are $.10 per page (the first 20 pages of standard-sized, black and white copies are provided free of charge). Payment shall be in cash, by money order, business check or certified check made payable to the City of Wilmington. (Identification may be requested.) You may be required to examine the records at City offices.

Please contact me

Within 15 business days from receipt of your request, the City will: provide you with access to the records, deny your request, or state that additional time is needed.

NOTICE: Under Delaware's Freedom of Information Act, 29 Del. C. §§10001-10006 ("FOIA"), a FOIA request or petition, along with any information contained therein or any documents attached thereto, submitted to any "public body" subject to FOIA, including, without limitation, any board, bureau, commission, department, agency or committee of the State, may itself be deemed a "public record" subject to disclosure under FOIA.


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