Press Kit

The following high quality images and PDFs are available for download.

Council MemberBioPhoto
Ernest “Trippi” Congo IIBio (PDF)Download
Nnamdi O. ChukwuochaBio (PDF)Download
Ernest "Trippi" Congo IIBio (PDF)Download
Zanthia OliverBio (PDF)Download
Michelle HarleeBio (PDF)Download
Va'Shun "Vash" TurnerBio (PDF)Download
Yolanda McCoyBio (PDF)Download
Robert A. WilliamsBio (PDF)Download
Charles M. "Bud" FreelBio (PDF)Download
Ciro AdamsBio (PDF)Download
Rysheema DixonBio (PDF)Download
Samuel L. Guy, Esq.Bio (PDF)Download
Loretta WalshBio (PDF)Download


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