State Senator to introduce legislation updating sex ed standards after Council sends resolution to General Assembly urging it

WILMINGTON– Legislation compelling teachers to update sex education standards to include sexual assault and consent could be introduced in the State Senate after a letter from City Councilmember Rysheema Dixon was sent to the Delaware General Assembly urging the action.

According to a report published by Delaware Public Media, Sen. Nicole Poore (D-New Castle) said students are sometimes confused by what consent means when learning about their bodies and sex.

On November 20, 2018 Councilmember At-Large Dixon, sent a letter to members of the State Senate and House of Representatives along with a copy of a resolution she sponsored that “urges the Delaware General Assembly to enact legislation that bring up-to-date sex-education standards and curricula, with a particular focus on the inclusion of sexual assault, consent and the development of healthy relationships.”

“If we’re educating our kids on … how their bodies will react and how to create a baby, then we should also teach them what the word consent means,” she told a reporter with Delaware Public Media.

While an aide for Senator Poore said her intentions to pursue the legislation was not driven by the letter, Councilmember Dixon still thanked the Senator  for being willing to take the necessary steps to make sure young people in the State of Delaware are aware and exposed to what sexual consent is.

“It compliments what we want to accomplish in the City of Wilmington with our students,” said Councilmember Dixon. “We look forward to following and reviewing the legislation.”

Councilmember Michelle Harlee, 4th District, also sponsored the resolution and echoed Councilmember Dixon’s sentiment.

“We’re living in a time where we have to level with our young people and let them know that this is a very real issue that unfortunately exists in today’s society,” she said. “It’s good to see our elected officials in the General Assembly not only acknowledge this but take steps to address it.”

Sen. Poore added she hopes to have a draft of the legislation finished by the end of the month and to introduce the bill by early Spring, according to the news report.

“Anyway, we can support her efforts, we will,” said Dixon. “This is an important topic for all of our schools in today’s society and we want our students to be safe and know their rights.”

To view a copy of the letter to the general assembly, click here.

To view a copy of the resolution, click here.



Marchelle Basnight

Council Chief of Staff


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