Youth In Government Day is Celebrated by Wilmington City Council on May 2, 2024

Photography and Graphic Design by Yesenia Taveras, Director of Communications for Wilmington City Council

On May 2, 2024, members of the Wilmington City Council participated in this year’s Youth In City Government Program virtually and in person in Council Chambers located in the Louis L. Redding City/County Building at 800 N. French Street in Wilmington, DE.
Youth In City Government is an educational program that works with local school districts to educate students about democratic politics and their roles in it. It is sponsored by the Department of Parks & Recreation and the Division of Youth and Families with the collaboration of Mayor Mike Purzycki, the Wilmington City Council, and various City departments.
The program includes a four-step process:
  1. Delegates – Each school selects eleven students representing each party to attend the Convention.
  2. Conventions – A one-day convention is held for each political party at the City/County Building. Students elect individuals from their party to run in a citywide election for Mayor, City Treasurer, Council President, as well as twelve City Council seats.
  3. Campaigns – Selected candidates solicit the support of their delegates to campaign for them at their school.
  4. Election – Each participating school votes for the candidate of their choice.
As part of their experience, the elected and appointed youth officials spend the day in the City with the elected and appointed city officials and employees. By helping youth recognize the importance of voting, the experience promotes responsible voting behavior in adulthood.
Below is a complete list of students that were selected from their schools to participate in the 2024 Youth In City Government Day program.

City Council Members participated with students during in-person events throughout the day and during the regular city council meeting held on May 2, 2024, which can be seen by clicking the link here.

Photography by Yesenia Taveras, Director of Communications for Wilmington City Council.

To view additional photos of the 2024 Youth In City Government Day, visit Wilmington City Council’s Facebook page here.



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