PRESS RELEASE: Councilwoman Zanthia Oliver announces “Stop the Use of Opioid Use” Outreach Event

Monday, December 4, 2023

Councilwoman Zanthia Oliver announces “Stop the Use of Opioid Use” Outreach Event
2,000 Door Knockers will be distributed on Wednesday, December 6, at 11 a.m., at 23rd & Market (Gordon) Street.

Wilmington, DE – Wilmington City Council Member Zanthia Oliver, of the 3rd District, announced today that she has partnered with multiple community members and organizations to distribute 2,000 Door Knockers on Wednesday, December 6, at 11 a.m., at 23rd & Market (Gordon) Street for a “Stop the Use of Opioid Use” outreach event.

“Statistics show the highest rate of drug overdose is during the Holidays,” said 3rd District Council Member Zanthia Oliver. “Our goal is to bring awareness to the Northeast area of Wilmington that has been plagued with the Opioid Epidemic. We all need to collaborate with this opioid crisis that is impacting our City.”

The event’s initiative is to acknowledge the prevalence of drug addiction in Wilmington’s community and the need for comprehensive solutions in the following categories:

1. Public Health Perspective: Emphasize the importance of approaching drug addictions as a public health issue rather than solely a criminal one.

2. Reduction Strategies in reducing the spread of diseases and preventing overdoses: Individuals having Narcan’s / Overdose Kits and knowing the signs of an overdose.

3. Harm Reduction: Addiction is a physical dependency on a substance.

4. Stigma: It’s important to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment for those seeking assistance.

5. Policy Recommendations: Advocacy for Funding in Wilmington, Delaware.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in the neighborhood walk to help bring awareness to this opioid use and fentanyl killer.

“We should all be committed to working collaboratively to build a healthier and more compassionate community for all residents,” said Councilwoman Oliver.

Councilwoman Oliver has partnered with the following community members and organizations to distribute the 2,000 Door Knockers:

Churches take a corner

We Are The Moms

Stop the Violence Prayer Chain Foundation

Praying Ground Ministry

Moe Hamilton

Bro Muhammad Salam

Corie Priest

John Cooke

Sandy Gibney

Mom Demands Action

Mother of Incarcerated Children


Page Associates


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