Agenda for Regular Meeting

08/18/2016 6:30 pm

Non-Legislative Business

All Council

  • Recognize Stephen Wheeler Community Day

D. Brown

  • Recognize Ernest “Sammy” Congo

M. Brown

  • Sympathy Bertha Betrice Ward
  • Commend Teri Williams Bell


  • Sympathy Vincent Luke Strano, Sr.
  • Sympathy Ronald Christopher “Christian” Salcedo


  • Sympathy Jane Scott Mahoney

Gregory/M. Brown

  • Sympathy Nathaniel Gregory
  • Sympathy Daryl Skinner


  • Recognize Judy Johnson Memorial Foundation and Honorees – James Bland, Frank Shea, Luke Atkinson, Sam Allen and Pedro Sierra


  • Sympathy Daniel LeVar Johnson
  • Sympathy Sheila A. Johnson


  • Sympathy John F. Yasik, Jr


  • Recognize Joshua Harvest Church – 15th Anniversary

Legislative Business

Darius J. Brown: 3rd Councilmanic District

Agenda Item #4251 - Resolution16-063
Supporting the Mayor’s Executive Order Establishing the Health Care Program Task Force

This Resolution is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval. If approved, Council would be supporting the creation of a Health Care Task Force to review the quality and cost of the City’s health care program for its employees. The Resolution says the City has experienced a considerable increase in the cost of providing health care services making it is imperative that the health care program be reviewed for cost-effectiveness while maintaining a quality health care program. The Task Force was created by a Mayoral Executive Order on July 15, 2016 and has already begun to meet to explore a variety of issues related to the City’s health care program for its employees.

Charles M. "Bud" Freel: 8th Councilmanic District

Agenda Item #4252 - Ordinance 16-044
Referred to Finance Committee
Authorizing the Issuance of the City’s General Obligation Bond (Wilmington Housing Project) Series 2016 (Federally Taxable), in Order to Provide the Funds Necessary to Refund the City’s General Obligation Bond (Wilmington Housing Project) Series 2013 (Federally Taxable); Authorizing a Loan of the Proceeds to the Wilmington Housing Partnership Corporation; Providing for the Sale of the Bond; and Authorizing Other Necessary Action

This Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for City Council’s review and approval. If approved, Council would be authorizing the refunding or refinancing of a 2013 Bond issuance that was used to fund property acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of single-family properties by the Wilmington Housing Partnership (WHP). This Ordinance authorizes the issuance of up to $3.4 million principal amount General Obligation Bond Series 2016 to provide for the refunding of the City’s General Obligation Bond Series 2013. The WHP will apply all or part of the proceeds from its property sales to the payment of the 2016 Bond. All of the 2016 Bond proceeds will be loaned to the WHP pursuant to a loan agreement between the City and the WHP.

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