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Wilmington City Council Meeting

June 2, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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#0174 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 234 Extending Medicaid Coverage for One Year Postpartum (snd)

#0175 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 340 to Expand the Duties of the Child Death Review Commission to Include Maternal Health and Morbidity Research (snd)

#0176 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 341 to Exempt Pregnant Persons_Primary Caregivers of Infants from TANF Work Requirement(snd)

#0177 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 343 to Provide a Plan for Medicaid Coverage of Doulas (snd)

#0178 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 344 to Require Bias Training for Healthcare Workers (snd)

#0179 – Resolution in Support of HB No. 346 Remove Medicaid Prior Authorization Requirements for Pregnant Women to Receive Doctor-Recommended Blood Pressure Cups (snd)

#0180 – Resolution Support HB385-To Establish by Ordinance Rules for the Location of Liquor Stores that are More Restrictive than State Law (snd)

#0181 – Ordinance naming Concord and Madison Triangle as Beatres R. Dunn Triangle (W0117626x920B6)

#0182 – Ordinance Exemptions for Residents from Water Service Disconnection for NonPayment of Utility Charges (W0117627x920B6)

#0183 – Resolution Requesting Bar Hour Extension (zo)

Ord. 22-018 (0155) – Amend Chapter 13 of the City Code to increase Civil Penalties for Healthcode Violations (zo)

Ord. 22-024 (0167) – Authorize Extension of Contract 20011PW (Sewer Maintenance) (zo) (W0117349x920B6)

Ord. 22-025 (0168) – Authorize An Electricity Procurement Contract (zo) (W0117361x920B6)

#0184 – Resolution Updating the Personnel Assignments for Standing Committees for the 108th Session of Wilmington City Council (congo)

#0185 – Resolution Authorizing Grant Funds from Wilmington City Council to Nemours Foundation for Adams Street (congo)

#0186 – Resolution to Dispose of 105 South Market to Riverfront Development Corporation (mh)

#0187 – Ordinance to include A Street (N. Market and N. Walnut Streets) in a Residential Parking Zone (W0117628x920B6)

Ord. 22-021 (0159) – Accept Dedication of a Private St., Add it to the City Map, Name it ‘Riddle Avenue’ (nf)

Ord. 22-022 (0160) – Authorize Extension of Contract 22004LI Vacant Property Services_R&A(mdc) (W0116999x920B6)

#0188 – Resolution in Support of Senate Bill No. 231 to Remove Gender as a Factor in Determining Car Insurance Premiums (mdc)

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June 2, 2022
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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