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Wilmington City Council Meeting

April 7, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Ord. 22-008 (0141) – Approve Extension Options to Contract 22002WDPS with Municipal Maintenance Co. – (zo)

Ord. 22-009 (0142) – Approve Extension Options to Contract 22003WDPS with Willier Electric Motor Repair – (zo)

Ord. 22-010 (0143) – Ordinance to Approve Extension Options to Contract 22001PW-R with DSC Solutions, LLC – (zo)

#0155 – Ordinance to Amend Chapter 13 of the City Code to increase Civil Penalties for Healthcode Violations (zo) (W0116992x920B6)

#0156 – Resolution to Declare Humble Park Approved for Disp. to Authorize REH to Conduct Disp. Proc. (mh) (W0116986x920B6)

#0146 – Ordinance to Approve Extension Options for Contract 21029PR with Preferred Meals Systems, Inc. (ym) (W0116651x920B6)

Sub. No. 1 to Ord. No. 22-007 (Rev. 1, #0139) – Authorizing Issuance of GO Bonds and BAN for FYS 2020 and 2022 Budgets (cj) (W0116707x920B6)

Ord. 22-012 (0147) – Approve Service Agreement with Verizon for N11 Dialing Service (cj) (W0116650x920B6)

#0157 – Resolution in Support of SB149_Community Review Board (cj)

#0158 – An Ordinance to Authorize & Approve a Contract Between the City & ThirdLine, Inc. for Monitoring & Auditing Services 4.5.22 (cj)

#0159 – Ordinance to Accept Dedication of a Private St., Add it to the City Map, Name it ‘Riddle Avenue’ (nf) (W0116998x920B6)

#0160 – Ordinance to Authorize Extension of Contract 22004LI Vacant Property Services (mdc) (W0116999x920B6)

#0161 – Resolution in Support of VICTIM ACT 2021 – HR 5768 (mdc)

#0162 – Resolution in Support of HB 303 Mental Health Checkup (mdc)

#0163 – Resolution in Support of HB 317 Children Health Insurance (mdc)

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April 7, 2022
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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