Education, Youth and Families Committee to Receive Presentation on WCAC annual report

Wilmington, Del. (March 12, 2018) – Members of City Council’s Education, Youth and Families Committee will receive a presentation on the 2017 annual report of the Wilmington Community Advisory Council during the committee’s meeting on Wednesday, March 14.

The Wilmington Community Advisory Council, formerly known as the CDC Community Advisory Council, is a body comprised of community leaders, practitioners and elected officials and staff at all levels of government in Delaware. Members have been working diligently to implement the recommendations offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which conducted an intensive study on the public health issue of youth firearm violence in Wilmington at the request of Council President (then-Council Member) Dr. Hanifa Shabazz.

“The recommendations of the CDC have provided us with a roadmap for how we can address youth firearm violence in Wilmington through a public health lens, and our coalition of leaders and practitioners has been making real progress in moving towards enacting systematic change in how we support our youth,” said President Shabazz. “The annual report that will be shared with members of Council demonstrates the commitment we share to empowering our youth and finding ways to leverage research and best practices to tackle the epidemic of gun violence in our community.”

The Education, Youth and Families Committee meeting on March 14 will begin at 5 p.m. in the Council Committee Room on the first floor of the City/County Building.



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