Discount prescription drug program offered through partnership with Council, National League of Cities

WILMINGTON– The Wilmington City Council is making available its residents discount prescription drug cards and has been partnering with community organizations to help distribute them.

Through a partnership with the National League of Cities and the Wilmington City Council, Wilmington residents of all ages can now have access to discount cards, that on average can save 24-percent on prescription medications.

The My Healthy Hometown prescription discount program can even be used for medication for pets and is entirely free to the city.

“Making this valuable resource available to our residents, lines up perfectly with two of Wilmington City Council’s highest priorities, per it’s strategic plan,” said Council President Hanifa Shabazz. “This program is helping us continue building a ‘Healthy Wilmington’ and because we’re able to offer it at no cost to tax payers, it’s helping us build a ‘Prosperous and Sustainable Wilmington.’”

To get the word out, Council staff has been busy contacting community organizations throughout the city about the program and making the discount cards, which are printed in both English and Spanish, available for pick up at their offices.

For a list of organizations that have the discount cards on site as well as the pharmacies participating in the program, click here.



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