Wilmington City Council 107th Inaguation - Member At-Large C Adams Ciro Adams - Council Member At-Large Ciro Adams - Council Member At-Large Ciro Adams - Council Member At-Large Ciro Adams - Council Member At-Large

Ciro Adams

Council Member At-Large

Ciro lives with his wife Donna by Rockford Park. After serving in the Marine Corps, Ciro graduated Rutgers University – Camden. A licensed CPA in several states, Ciro now leads Ciro E. Adams, CPA, LLC, a CPA firm that serves public and private commercial entities by performing audit services and working closely with clients to identify and analyze tax opportunities to meet their business objectives.

“I am quite humbled by you electing me to City Council. I am grateful for your confidence in my vision and abilities to represent you. I look forward to working with Hanifa Shabazz and all my fellow Council Members and assisting Michael Purzycki’s Administration to improve Wilmington.

“I am an advocate for community policing and public safety. As a member of City Council, I will assist in setting policy, enacting laws, and adopting a City budget, that lead to develop an improved neighborhood quality of life and standard of living for all our residents. As your steward and member of City Council, I will monitor the operation and performance of City agencies, make land-use decisions, and be responsible in approving the City budget. I respect the position you have given me.”

Standing Committees of Council

Council Member Adams is Vice Chair of the Public Works & Transportation Committee. He is also a member of the Finance & Economic Development, the Health, Aging & Disabilities, and the Public Safety Committees.

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