Council holds off vote on special committee recommendation for 1st District vacancy, selection process resets 

WILMINGTON– The Wilmington City Council held off on voting to reconsider a resolution to accept the recommendation of the special committee formed to lead the process to fill the 1st District vacancy.

The recommendation was voted down by the Council at its December 6 meeting, but was brought back up for reconsideration at the December 13 meeting.

After two days of interviewing 12 candidates last month, the ad hoc committee voted unanimously to present District 1 resident Albert Mills as its recommendation.

Per the City Charter, Council President Hanifa Shabazz was charged with appointing members to the special committee, which is made up of five members of city council and included the president herself.

The selection process took more than a month and involved extensive outreach, reviewing letters of interest, resumes, and interviewing candidates to complete.

Because the resolution to reconsider the recommendation was not voted on, it will not be revisited and the application and selection process will start over.


Marchelle Basnight

Council Chief of Staff


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