COUNCIL CONVEYS TRANSIT REQUESTS TO DART OFFICIALS Council Members issue letter to State officials requesting enhanced security and marketing, benches and shelters, and the relocation of some stops

Wilmington, Del. (February 7, 2018) – Several members of City Council sent a letter, today, to the Delaware Transit Corporation conveying requests on behalf of Wilmingtonians related to the recent bus service changes made by DART.

“The service changes that were recently implemented by DART have led to some confusion and frustration across Wilmington,” said Council President Hanifa Shabazz. “While City Council does not have oversight over State-level transit operations, and while this legislative body did not take action to enact these changes, we do have an obligation to listen to the concerns of our constituents, and to advocate on their behalf. The letter we have sent to our partners at the State captures some of the things we hope to see done to help mitigate the concerns voiced by our residents.”

The letter requested that the following be ensured in conjunction with the recent service changes:

  • Enhanced lighting at some of the new bus stops, as necessary
  • Bolstered security at bus stops
  • The installation of benches and/or shelters at the new bus stops, to mirror what was inplace at the former bus stop locations
  • The relocation of any new bus stops that are positioned directly in front of residentialproperties
  • Continued marketing efforts to inform riders of service changes, and the deployment ofambassadors to assist in these effortsThe letter was sent before this evening’s Public Works and Transportation Committee meeting, during which Council will invite the public to share concerns about the recent service changes. The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. in the City Council Committee Room on the first floor of the Louis L. Redding City/County Building.The Committee previously discussed the service changes at its January 3 meeting, during which officials from DART were on hand to share information and answer questions.For more news and information, visit
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