Council Approved the City’s FY2020 Operating Budget

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City Council Approved the City’s FY2020 Budget

The approved budget includes no property tax increase and 3.8% water/sewer/stormwater rate increase for City customers, zero for County customers

City Council reconvened for a second meeting, and now has approved the FY2020 Operating and Water/Sewer Budget tonight by a vote of 8 yeas, 4 absent, and 1 nay. The approval follows more than a month of intense departmental budget hearings before the Council as well as Council scrutinized its own budget that was open to the public. Mayor Purzycki presented the budget to Council on March 28th . There were minimal changes to the budget that was presented .  Council is glad to see that this budget has funding in place that are align with the priorities of the Council’s Strategic Plan such as:
  • Safe & Secure Wilmington – Continued Funding for WPD and WFD Recruit Classes Class
  • Stabilized Wilmington – 0% Property Tax Rate Increase and no use of Tax Stabilization Reserve
  • Business Friendly Wilmington – Citywide LED Lighting Project
  • Transparent & Well Represented Wilmington – Legislation in pipeline to Address City Housing Code to Stabilize Neighborhoods and Address Vacant Housing
  • Healthy Wilmington – Legislation for Senior Tax Exemption Application has been changed for Submitting Application Once versus Every Three Years
  • Wilmington for All Ages – Additional Funding for ADA Compliance Self-evaluation and Transition plan
  • Prosperous & Sustainable Wilmington – Continued Funding for Housing Renovations
  • Resident & Visitor Friendly Wilmington – Additional funding for Wilmington’s Beautification Initiative (2nd day employment clean up program)
  • Connected, Informed and Engaged Wilmington – Continued Funding for 311 System and Implementation
  • Growing Wilmington –  Urban Artists Exchange Program
President Shabazz said “this budget reflects the shared priorities for moving Wilmington forward while also keeping in mind the impact on taxpayers. The big highlight is that we are continuing on our path toward strengthening the city’s fiscal position that is on par with the priorities as identified in the Council’s Strategic Plan”.  President acknowledged that Mayor Purzycki and his  team, as well as Council Colleagues came together to have a balanced budget passed tonight which is a charter mandate and one of the primary responsibilities of City Council prior to 30 days of close of the fiscal  year. Finance Chairman Freel said “ the budget is solid and addresses the needs of the City without any property tax rate increase, as well as restoring the fund balance to an appropriate level that is more favorable for bond ratings”.
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