Committee of the Whole makes recommendation to fill 1st District seat, full Council to vote to accept or reject

WILMINGTON – The Wilmington City Council Committee of the Whole has selected Linda M. Gray as its recommended candidate to fill the 1st District vacancy and will next present it to the full body of Council for a vote on February 21st.

“We got this out of this committee with a majority vote, which is a good sign that we are that much closer to filling this vacancy,” said City Council President Hanifa Shabazz, who chaired the meeting.

Through legislation sponsored by Councilwoman Michelle Harlee, a Committee of the Whole was convened and charged with publicly selecting a candidate to put forth to the full Council for a vote.

“I am pleased to be moving forward with the selection process to fill the 1st District vacancy,” said Councilwoman Harlee, who represents the 4th District. “I look forward to presenting it to the full council for its consideration.”

By a resolution the recommendation will be made to the full Council and voted on by the body at its February 21stmeeting.



Marchelle Basnight

Council Chief of Staff


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