City of Wilmington departmental budget hearings begin next week

Wilmington, Del. (April 6, 2018)–Next week the Wilmington City Council will begin holding public hearings to review budget proposals from each of the city’s departments, which are scheduled to continue throughout the month and into May.

The proceedings will kick off Monday, April 9 at 4 pm with reviews of proposed budgets from the Mayor’s office, City Treasurer’s office and the office of the Wilmington City Council.

As part of the review process, members of the Wilmington City Council review the City’s proposed budget and during public hearings, listen to presentations from each department and ask questions about proposed spending plans.

“I and my fellow members of City Council invite the public to play a role in the budget review process,” said City Council President Dr. Hanifa Shabazz. “We want our residents to know how we plan to serve them through the allocation of their tax dollars, so it’s important for us to ensure they have access to the same information we have as we deliberate on these requests.”

While Shabazz said she hopes members of the public will attend the hearings, for those who are unable to do so she invites to watch them live WITN-22 or online at

A special budget review websiteis also up and running and gives visitors access to pertinent information as well as the ability to:

  • Review proposed budget documents for the City of Wilmington and each of its departments
  • Submit comments and suggestions related to departmental budgets
  • Link to City Council’s social media platforms
  • Link to a live video stream of the hearings


The address to the budget review website is

“We hope the public takes the time to tune in to truly see their tax dollars at work,” Shabazz said. “They’ll be glad they did.”

The entire budget hearing schedule by department can be found hereor by visiting


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