Ad Hoc Committee makes selection to fill Dist. 1 vacancy, will send recommendation to Council

WILMINGTON– After a more than a month of extensive outreach, reviewing letters of interest, resumes, and interviewing candidates to fill the Wilmington Council District 1 seat vacated by Nnamdi Chukwuocha, the ad hoc committee formed to recommend a replacement has made its decision.

The committee has selected Albert Mills as its choice to represent the residents of the 1stDistrict and is scheduled to present its pick to the full City Council for consideration at the December 6 meeting.

“The committee is grateful for all of the candidate who participated in this process, but in the end we agreed Mr. Mills exhibited many of the qualities and demonstrated the kind of knowledge, experience and insight necessary to represent the City’s 1st District,” said City Council President Hanifa Shabazz, who also served as Chair of the Ad Hoc Selection Committee.

On Oct. 21, after extensive outreach was made to the public via print and digital media, as well as through PSAs on WITN 22, the Wilmington City Council began soliciting letters of interest from residents of the city’s 1st District interested in filling the seatafter Chukwuochawas elected to the Delaware House of Representatives on Nov. 6.

Per the City Charter, President Shabazz appointed the members to the special committee, which is made up of five members of city council, one of which was the President Shabazz who served as its chair.

The Committee conducted 12 interviews over the course of two days and after deliberating over the candidates’ qualification, the group emerged with its recommendation.

“Lengths were taken by the committee to ensure theprocess was thorough, fair and transparent,” said President Shabazz. “We look forward to the discussion over the committee’s recommendation at the next City Council Meeting and hope our colleagues on the full Council will concur Mr. Mills is a solid choice to represent Wilmington’s 1stDistrict.”



Marchelle Basnight

Council Chief of Staff


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