9/27/19 City Council’s Community Development & Urban Planning Committee Announces formation of Sub-Committee to Promote Healthy Communities

WILMINGTON – Today, City Council’s Community Development and Urban Planning Committee (CD&UP) announced the names of the “Healthy Communities” Sub-Committee. Healthy Communities is a sub-committee of the CD&UP and will be focusing on examining best practices and solutions to address housing issues and community revitalization. The first meeting was held on September 18th.

The creation of the Sub-Committee was in response to the feedback received from the public regarding the proposed Housing Code Bill. The general public is welcome to attend the Sub-Committee meetings and participate in the dialogue.

“There is a need to work collaboratively with community members to find solutions to address vacant housing and blight,” said Councilwoman Rysheema Dixon. “Our goal with the formation of this sub-committee is to work with housing experts, homeowners, landlords and tenants to find holistic and creative strategies for addressing Wilmington’s housing issues.”

The Healthy Communities Sub-Committee includes the CD&UP Committee members as well as members from stakeholder groups affected by housing policy including:
Homeowners: Fionn Welch, Yvonne Murray, Deborah Kraak, Nancy Green
Landlord/Rental Property Owners: Lottie Lee, Renee Spuriel, Jeff Sheraton
Housing Providers: Brian O’Neill, Frankeya Atkinson, Evette Morrow
Service Providers: Tyler Berl, Gladys Spikes, Dionna Sargent
Fair Housing Advocates: Sarah Lester, Christian Willauer, Iris Donato, D’mitry Phillips

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