11/22/19 City Council Approves Code Change to increase penalties regarding commercial property maintenence

WILMINGTON – On Thursday November 21, 2019, Wilmington City Council approved a bill presented by Councilmember Zanthia Oliver that amends Chapter 13 of the City Code regarding commercial property maintenance. The vote was passed with 10 votes in the affirmative with 3 members absent.
Chapter 13, section 13-4 of the City Code requires all owners of properties to remove garbage, rubbish, refuse, trash and other offensive materials from sidewalks, footways and alleys. This Ordinance amends section 13-4 by increasing the penalty from $50 to $150 for owners of properties from which a business licensed as retail edible is operated. This Ordinance also requires an attached lid for trash receptacles for properties from which a business license as retail edible is operated (except for mobile vendors). The effective date of the ordinance is March 1, 2020.
“We all must do our part to keep our communities in the city clean. Store owners and managers must take accountability for keeping their storefronts clean.” said Oliver. “It is simply unacceptable for the streets, alleys and pathways around the stores to be full of trash. The least that they can do is keep the area around their stores clean. I appreciate the full support for this ordinance from Council.”

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