Agenda for Regular Meeting Revision 2

10/03/2019 6:30 pm

Non-Legislative Business


  • Sympathy Isabella Talton
  • Recognize 42nd Annual Hispanic Festival and Parade
  • Recognize Maria Matos – LACC 50th Anniversary
  • Sympathy Stella M. Dunning
  • Recognize Red Clay Consolidated School District – EDtv


  • Sympathy James E. Johnson, Jr.
  • Sympathy Sheree M. Chambers


  • Recognize Cavanaugh’s Restaurant


  • Sympathy William Watson, Jr.
  • Sympathy Gregory A. Ringgold
  • Recognize Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
  • Sympathy Cynthia J. Munce
  • Sympathy Darrell Scott


  • Recognize Rev. Dr. Terrence S. Keeling
  • Recognize Rotary District 7630 (Easterseals Drex Jones Award)
  • Recognize H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club

Note: The agenda was revised to remove agenda #4710 and #4711.

Legislative Business


Agenda Item #4692 (Rev. 1) - Sub. 1 to Ord. 19-038
3rd & Final Reading - Passed As Amended
To Enact Certain Traffic/Parking Regulations

Synopsis:  This Substitute Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. This Substitute Ordinance approves various traffic and parking regulations in the City.

SHABAZZ (McCoy presented on behalf of Shabazz)

Agenda Item #4712 - Res. 19-052
Adopted As Amended
A Resolution Encouraging the Delaware General Assembly to Develop Legislation Examining the Impact of E-cigarettes and Vapes on the Health of Youth and Adults

Synopsis:  This Resolution is being presented by City Council for Council’s review. This Resolution encourages the Delaware General Assembly to develop and support legislation that would further examine the dangers of e-cigarettes to youth and adults, prevent the sale of non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes sold in Delaware and have the Delaware Public Health Department study any possible connections to cases of severe pulmonary disease and e-cigarette use throughout the state.


Agenda Item #4689 - Ord. 19-036
3rd & Final Reading - Passed
Approve the Removal of Pasture Street from the Official City Map

Synopsis:  This Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. This Ordinance authorizes the removal of Pasture Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and West 11th Street, from the Official City Map.


Agenda Item #4690 (Rev. 1) - Sub. 1 to Ord. 19-037
3rd & Final Reading - Passed
Amend Chapter 4 of the City Code to Approve the Adoption of the 2018 International Code Council’s Building, Residential, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes, Together with Other Technical Codes and Standards, and the City's Amendments Thereto

Synopsis:  This Substitute Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. This Substitute Ordinance amends Chapter 4 of the Wilmington City Code (the Building Code) by adopting “The International Building Code of 2018,” “The International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings of 2018,” “The International Mechanical Code of 2018,” “The International Plumbing Code of 2018,” “The International Fuel Gas Code of 2018,” “The ICC/ANSI A117.1-2017 Accessibility Code of 2017,” “The International Existing Building Code of 2018,” “The International Energy Conservation Code of 2018,” “The International Property Maintenance Code of 2018,” and “The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code of 2018,” with any amendments thereto, to appear in Chapter 4 of the Code.  This Substitute Ordinance deletes any references to their predecessor codes, and the amendments thereto, where such references and amendments exist in Chapter 4. This Substitute Ordinance authorizes the City Solicitor and the Law Department to coordinate with the Municipal Code Corporation editors in preparation of the Code Supplement in which the Building, Residential, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Accessible Code provisions will appear.

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