Agenda for Regular Meeting

10/02/2014 6:30 pm

Non-Legislative Business

M. Brown

  • Honor Derek S. Jeter (New York Yankees)


  • Sympathy Patricia O. DeCusatis
  • Sympathy Magaly Lopez
  • Michelle Mercado – Grand Opening of Salon Michelle


  • Salute Sister Barbara Ann Curran


  • Sympathy Charles Rochester


  • Sympathy Chief Apostle Patricia C. Williams


  • Best Wishes Pastor Emma Creamer – 75th Birthday

Legislative Business


Agenda Item #3945 - 3945
3rd & Final Reading; DEFEATED AS AMENDED
Amend Chapter 36 of the City Code to Add a New Article X, “Smoking Prohibited in Parks, Playgrounds and Transit Facilities”; and Amend Chapter 38, Article III of the City Code by Adding a New Section, “Smoking Prohibited”; and Amend Chapter 36 by Deleting Article VIII, “Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment”

Synopsis: This Ordinance is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval.If approved, Council would be authorizing changes to Chapter 36 of the City Code related to prohibitions against smoking in parks, playgrounds, public plazas and transit facilities. Persons smoking in publicly-owned outdoor areas open to the public are subject to a misdemeanor citation and a $50 fine for the first offense, a $90 fine for a second violation within three months of the first violation and a $100 fine for all subsequent violations. The Ordinance also stipulates that no person shall receive a citation or fine unless smoking prohibition signage, readily visible to the public, is posted at the entrances to areas where smoking is prohibited. The intent is this proposed law is to protect non-smokers from involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco use.

Agenda Item #3975 - Ord. 14-041
3rd and Final Reading; PASSED
To Enact Certain Traffic/Parking Regulations

Synopsis: This Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. If approved, Council would be authorizing changes to Chapter 37 of the City Code related to traffic and parking regulations. The Ordinance addresses school bus parking, child care drop-off, no parking, 15-minute parking and affects areas such as East 10th and North French Streets, West 4th Street and Greenhill Avenue, East 4th Street and North Market Street and West 9th Street and North Union Street. The Ordinance also rescinds no parking, two hour parking and loading zone rules for areas such as West 19th Street and North Market Streets, South Connell Street and Oak Street and West 4th Street and Greenhill Avenue. The details of the Ordinance can be found at

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