Agenda for Regular Meeting Revision

10/18/2018 6:30 pm

Non-Legislative Business


  • Recognize October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month


  • Recognize International WeLoveU Foundation
  • Recognize Lights on Afterschool Project


  • Sympathy Gregory Laws
  • Recognize The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows


  • Recognize Delaware Military Cadets
  • Sympathy Dennis Savage


  • Recognize Bill “Doc B” Ransom
  • Recognize Oliver “O.P.” Patterson


*Note: Agenda #4423 was removed.

Legislative Business


Agenda Item #4583 - Res. 18-070
A Resolution Authorizing the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Grant Application to the State of Delaware for the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Synopsis:  This Resolution is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. This Resolution authorizes a grant application of the Department of Parks and Recreation to the State of Delaware in the amount of $645,102.79.  The funds will be used to support the Child and Adult Care Food Program. There is no local match required.


Agenda Item #4584 - Res. 18-071
A Resolution Recognizing October as National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and Encouraging the Delaware Attorney General to Consider Issuing a New Anti-Bullying Report

Synopsis:  This Resolution recognizes October as National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and respectfully requests the Delaware Attorney General to issue an updated Anti-Bullying Report to assess implementation of State anti-bullying legislation, and to take stock of conditions in Delaware schools in the most recent school year.


Agenda Item #4582 - Ord. 18-047
3rd & Final Reading - Passed As Amended
To Enact Certain Traffic/Parking Regulations

Synopsis:  This Ordinance is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval. This Ordinance approves various traffic and parking regulations in the City.


Agenda Item #4585 - Res. 18-072
A Resolution to Authorize and Approve the First Amendment to a License Agreement Between the City of Wilmington and Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless Regarding a Water Tower on or near 1651 Foulk Road

Synopsis:   This Resolution approves the First Amendment to a License Agreement between the City and Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless (“Verizon”), which permits Verizon to install and operate communications antennas and related equipment on and about the City’s water tower (the “Tower”) located at or near 1651 Foulk Road, Wilmington, Delaware, sometimes referred to as the Foulk Road standpipe.  The First Amendment will: 1) permit Verizon to add three (3) additional panel antennas to its existing antenna arrays on the Tower; 2) increase the license fee payable by Verizon to the City under the License Agreement by $200.00 per month; and 3) provide Verizon with an option to renew the License Agreement for four (4) additional terms of five (5) years after the current expiration date.

Agenda Item #4586 - Res. 18-073
A Resolution to Authorize and Approve a Construction and Utility Easement Agreement with New Castle County Regarding Bringhurst Woods Park

Synopsis:  This Resolution authorizes the Department of Public Works to grant New Castle County certain construction and utility easements in connection with New Castle County’s construction, operation, and maintenance of a new sanitary sewer line across 0 Washington Boulevard, commonly known as Bringhurst Woods Park.


Agenda Item #4587 - Res. 18-074
A Resolution Approving the Disposition by Lease of Baynard Stadium to Salesianum School Establishing a Public Private Partnership to Preserve the Athletic Facility and Provide Increased Public Access

Synopsis:  This Resolution is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval.  This Resolution authorizes the City to enter into a Lease with Salesianum School, Inc. to preserve Baynard Stadium. The Lease requires Salesianum to make significant capital improvements to the property at its expense, provide unprecedented public access to the field, and undertake the day to day operations and management responsibilities of the property at tis expense.

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