Agenda for Regular Meeting Revision

01/06/2022 6:30 pm

Virtual Meeting with Remote Participation

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

Committee Reports

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report

Non-Legislative Business


  • Tribute to the Honorable Rysheema J. Dixon


  • Sympathy Candita Diaz de McBride


  • Recognize Ready to Run Delaware
  • Recognize Linwood Stokes
  • Sympathy Dr. Hammond M. Knox
  • Sympathy Maurice Harrigan
  • Sympathy Jessica A. Fullman
  • Sympathy Robert Paul “Bob” Reeder
  • Sympathy Judith Leigh Winward


  • Sympathy Rev. Dr. Shirlyn H. Brown


  • Sympathy John “Jack” Conaty, Jr.
  • Sympathy Mary Christine “M.C.” Byrd


The meeting will be open to the public starting at 6pm, so members of the public can sign up to speak. To sign up for Public Comment, members of the public must go to the following website to fill out the information requested. Public Comment will take place after non-legislative business. The President will recognize speakers in the order listed on the website.

Note: In an effort to protect the public and city employees during the recent, rapid increase of COVID infection resulting from the Omicron variant during the Governor’s continuing state of public health emergency, the President of City Council has decided pursuant to his authority under the Freedom of Information Act that this meeting of Council shall be fully virtual with no anchor location. City Council Chambers and Committee Room will not be used for the meeting, or open to the public. Members of the public are also welcomed to observe the proceeding and participate by ZOOM or by telephone through the links provided here: or visit the WITN22 website or WITN YouTube channel at or listen in only by calling one of the following phone numbers (929) 205-6099 or (301) 715-8592. You will be asked for the Webinar ID. Please enter 852 0276 5371 and then #. International numbers available:

Legislative Business


Agenda Item #0116* - Res.
A Resolution Requesting the Delaware General Assembly to Amend the City Charter to Impose Term Limits for Members of the Wilmington City Council

Synopsis:  This Resolution is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval. This Resolution requests the Delaware General Assembly to amend Section 2- 100 of the City Charter to impose a term limit for City Council members of not more than three (3) terms in each representative capacity; Council Member elected from a councilmanic district, Council Member At Large, and President of the Council.

Agenda Item #0117* - Res.
Resolution Encouraging Delaware General Assembly to Have Inmates in the State of Delaware to Have the Right to Vote

Synopsis: This Resolution is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval. This Resolution urges the Delaware General Assembly to enact legislation that will allow for all prisoners in state facilities to have their right to vote in local, state, and federal elections re-established.


Agenda Item #0123 - Ord. 21-060
3rd & Final Reading - PASSED
Amend Chapter 2 of the City Code to Redistrict the Councilmanic Districts of the City of Wilmington Pursuant to Section 2-102 of the Wilmington City Charter

Synopsis: This Ordinance is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval.  This Ordinance amends Section 2-31 of the City Code by redistricting the Councilmanic Districts of Wilmington so as to have each district encompass as nearly as possibly a contiguous area within which is as nearly as practicable an equal population distribution, pursuant to the requirements of Section 2-102 of the City Charter and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, while using the population figures published by the United States Census Bureau in August of 2021, following the 2020 Decennial Census, including the last known addresses of incarcerated individuals who were City residents prior to incarceration.

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