Strategic Plan & Process Reports

Members of the 107th Session of the Wilmington City Council commenced the Strategic Planning Process even before taking office, with discussions centering on the formulation of a document inspired by the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors, as well as the responsibilities and interests of elected legislators.

Over the course of nearly a year, Council Members worked collaboratively and with an expert in strategic planning to discuss and identify priorities and set objectives for our term in office.

In addition to devising mission statements for City Council and each of its committees, Council Members also identified a set of priorities to help guide future endeavors and actions undertaken by this legislative body.

These are comprehensive, and touch nearly every facet of City government and daily life in Wilmington

As the title implies, the Strategic Planning Process is not a single, defined effort – rather, it is a commitment to an organized manner of thinking and planning, and one which involves deep reflection and critical thinking.

In keeping with this understanding, this progress report – much like the Strategic Planning Process report itself – is a living document, and one which will be updated on a regular basis as this session of City Council continues to work diligently and collectively to move Wilmington forward.

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Below is a link to the most recent report documenting the progress of the:

                                                                                Strategic-Planning-Process-Progress-report-july 2020

                                                                                Strategic-Planning-Process-Progress-report-July-2019 (003)

                                                                                Strategic Planning Process- April 2019 Progress Report

Strategic Planning Process – November 2018 Progress Report

Strategic Planning Process – August 2018 Progress Report

Strategic Planning Process – May 2018 – Progress Report

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